Lana Dealessi

Nascida na Itália, essa modelo vive atualmente em Londres e é estrela de várias publicações europeias.


Lana Dealessi an Italian born model currently based in London. She likes travelling, modelling and acting, and the nightlife of London. Her greatest ambition is to live life to the fullest, and realise her dreams and passion for modelling, acting and everything else that has to do with entertainment. With a strong background in acting and drama school and lots of experience in modelling, Lana is an excellent performer. Together with her fine figure, sublime curves and stunning blue eyes she is a deadly mixture of Megan Fox and Elizabeth Hurley. Don't be fooled by the looks however. Lana Dealessi is a strong and unique presence in every room on the planet and a lady who follows her own path and goals. With Jan Te bont she will be given a set of tools for world domination. To start, Jan Te bont, Lana Dealessi and Denise Aukes(MUA) produced a high profile shoot which resulted in already some amazing film and pictures. In 2013 Lana Dealessi will be storming the planet with her new website, exclusive film clips and stunning pictures under the wing of Jan Te bont who will set the mark with the quality he stands for on every picture being made from Lana Dealessi.



Sheer classic material featuring none other than Lana Dealessi. With the high-end cinematic imagery from Jan Te Bont, new standards are being made for models and photographers. As this blueprint has been crafted, you can expect some more excellent stuff from Jan Te Bont and his team. For Lana Dealessi this is the kickstart for even greater succes as she shows her stunning beauty, class and even greater creativity, since she was involved in every step during the creative process. A true JTB model in every which way!
This video is a true showcase of Jan Te Bont showing his romantic, sensual, sultry and cinematic vision to the world. With JTB model Lana Dealessi on the forefront of this vision, showing some perfect curves and great shape, she leads the way for the JTB team only to raise the bar for every Jan Te Bont release in the future.

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